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What We’re Reading This Week [April 5, 2013]

Trayvon Martin’s Family Gets $1 Million Dollar Settlement

The parents of Trayvon Martin have officially reached a settlement in the wrongful death suit they filed against the homeowner’s association of the sub-division where their son was shot to death by a neighborhood watch volunteer last year. CLICK HERE to read more

Detroit Judge in Sex Scandal…Again!

Wade McCree, the Detroit judge who made headlines last year for sending a shirtless picture of himself to an employee, is now in the news again. McCree confessed to sleeping with a female plaintiff whose child support case was pending in his courtroom. CLICK HERE to read more

LAST WEEK 2 Men Pleaded Not Guilty in Hadiya Pendleton’s Death

18-year-old Michael Ward and 20-year-old Kenneth Williams pleaded not guilty to first degree murder charges in the gang-related shooting that took the life of a 15-year-old Chicago girl back in January. CLICK HERE to read more

Oklahoma Dentist May Have Exposed 7,000 Patients to HIV and Hepatitis

Dr. Wayne Harrington, an oral surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma is currently under investigation because one of his patients tested positive for HIV and hepatitis C after a dentist visit. The city’s health department suspects it may be a result of documented poor sanitation practices and is warning patients of the office to get tested immediately.  CLICK HERE to read more

NYC Senator Arrested for Trying to Rig Mayoral Election

Democratic State Sen. Malcolm Smith (Queens) and Republican City Councilman Dan Halloran (Queens) found themselves in handcuffs. The two tried to buy Smith’s way onto the citywide ballot with tens of thousands of dollars in bribes. CLICK HERE to read more

New Police Chief is Sworn in, in Trayvon Martin’s Town

There’s a new chief in town. The Sanford Police Department brought in Cecil Smith to replace former Chief Bill Lee.  Lee was relieved of his duties due to his mishandling of the Trayvon Martin case.  CLICK HERE to read more

ATL Cheating Scandal, More Teachers Turn Themselves In

As of Tuesday, 27 out of 35 former Atlanta Public School educators have turned themselves in to authorities. The teachers were indicted on charges that they cheated on standardized tests scores and tried to cover up the scandal.   CLICK HERE to read more 

Conrad Murray Breaks Out in Song During Interview

Conrad Murray, the doctor currently serving time behind bars for the death of Michael Jackson, broke out in song in the middle of a live phone interview with Anderson Cooper on Tuesday. But then again, being locked up for years for involuntary manslaughter may do that to you. CLICK HERE to watch the video

Rutgers Coach Fired for Abusing Players

Rutgers University basketball coach Mike Rice was terminated after video emerged of him verbally and physically abusing his athletes. CLICK HERE to watch the video

When Twerking Goes Terribly Wrong

A father has been indicted on child abuse charges after beating his two daughters with a cable wire when he caught them making a “twerk” dance video. CLICK HERE for more

Magic Johnson Shows Support for Son’s Coming Out

Days after his son E.J. “came out” publicly, NBA Hall of Famer Magic Johnson sat down with TMZ for an exclusive interview. Johnson expressed his support for his son and the gay community. CLICK HERE to read more

Kevin Clash is Being Sued…Again, For Underage Sex

Another day, another Kevin Clash scandal.  This guy can’t catch a break, can he? Clash, better known as the puppeteer and voice behind Elmo on Sesame Street is being sued for the fifth time for accusations that he sexually abused teenage boys. CLICK HERE to read more