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Takara Rooks & Edward Poteat

Takara Rooks & Edward Poteat

WEDDING: Cala Luna Hotel in Tamarindo, Costa Rica

HONEYMOON: Vietnam, Bali and Thailand

HOME: Yonkers, NY

• Takara is a therapist for Family Connections. Edward owns real estate investment firm, Carthage Advisors. The wedding party enjoyed clear skies for days before the wedding. But the clouds rolled in as the ceremony began. Drenched, but not discouraged, the revelers gathered beneath the nearby reception tent while DJ Precise played appropriate cloudy day anthems like New Edition’s “Can You Stand The Rain.” When asked about her misty marriage mishap, Takara says, “I wasn’t mad at all! I was in a daze. I loved my husband, my bridesmaids, my family, my dress. And after months of planning, my day was finally here!”