Primark Has Released An Entire Set Of Brushes For $10

Spoiler alert: they’re unicorn-themed. 

We’ve always been secret fans of the U.K. based retailer, Primark. They serve us trends and basics at an affordable price–think H&M, but even cheaper. There is something to respect about a brand that understands it might not be in everyone’s best interest to shell out $39 at Tarte for an on-trend makeup tool like unicorn brushes. After all, the foundation and new setting spray in our cart are pricey enough. We can’t deny, however, how cute the brushes look on our Instagram posts and in our makeup bag. The new Primark Unicorn Makeup Brushes are giving us the solution to our makeup brush woes with an entire set of five brushes for $10.

The ready-to-shop kit includes two brush options for your eye makeup, either a fluffy or dense brush that gets into corners of your eyes or perfectly blends, respectively. There is also a flat foundation brush, a fan brush for your highlighting needs (which are many), and a large fluffy brush for loose powders. The handles of the brushes are an electric cyan hue with bristles that have a color gradient of pastel purple, peach, and white. The brushes aren’t yet available online, but lucky for us, Primark has opened seven stores in the US. You can stalk out the one closest to you over at