Oxygen Cancels Shawty Lo’s ‘All My Babies’ Mamas’

Shawty Lo
Shawty Lo

The Oxygen network has decided to ax Shawty Lo’s All My Babies’ Mamas, according to The YBF. The show was supposed to be a one-hour docu-series chronicling the rapper and his 10 women with whom he has 11 children, plus his new girlfriend.

The Daily Beast says their sources say Oxygen will announce cancellation soon. The network initially defended the show by saying, “It was not meant to be a stereotypical representation of everyday life for any one demographic or cross section of society.’’

But that wasn’t enough to keep a petition to stop the show from circulating.

“I love that the people who’ve signed the petition are from all backgrounds, ages, and countries. This one elderly white man wrote me and said even he was tired of the stereotypical images of black people,” said Sabrina Lamb, the woman who created the petition. “This show is about more than a rapper and his girlfriends. This is a show about kids who had no choice in how they came into the world. This show sets them up to be ridiculed and made fun of. None of us should be OK with that.’’

Lamb announced via her Facebook baked that she would be making a full announcement tomorrow outlining the victories.