NJ Mayor Cory Brooks Headed for Senate in 2014?

By// Brandon Byrd

Mayor Cory Brooks of Newark, New Jersey has set his eyes on a larger goal than governor. This week he announced that he is planning to run for a Senate position in 2014.

Current U.S. Senate seat holder Frank Lautenberg, who is 88 years old, plans to finish his last term in office, which sparked Brooks’ possible candidacy for the position. To many in the political arena, this is the Democrats’ best option since current New Jersey  Governor Chris Christie (R) is receiving high praise and approval ratings going into next year.

Brooks has many supporting his U.S. Senate interest due to his political and media charm along with a highly regarded political agenda throughout his career. If elected to the Senate, Brooks would be one of the youngest, at age 43, and only African-American Democratic senators serving in office. This would provide both Democrats and African Americans a voice in the Senate. Visit NBC New York to see a YouTube video of Mayor Brooks speaking on his future political plans.