KYLE Goes Sneaker Shopping at Concepts in NYC [VIDEO]

KYLE Goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex
Photo Credit: Alex McDonnell

After a most expensive visit to Flight Club L.A. with soccer superstar Neymar, Complex’s Sneaker Shopping took it back east to link up with platinum-selling Hip-Hop artist KYLE. Unlike your typical episode of the series, KYLE’s sole collection isn’t packed with silhouettes from the Swoosh and The Three Stripes.

Kicking it at the Manhattan branch of Boston-based boutique Concepts, KYLE and host Joe La Puma start off discussing the sneakers of the “iSpy” rapper’s youth. The recent XXL Freshman honoree admits he didn’t grow up being the biggest fan of Air Jordans, mainly due to financial limitations. Instead, he was more of a stan for Airwalks and Vans. The latter were and continue to be prominent in KYLE’s daily wardrobe. As he explains it, KYLE was pretty immersed in the jerk dance movement of the late 2000’s and favored the Vans Half Cab as his go-to jerkin’ shoe. Other kicks that KYLE grew up a fan of include the West Coast favorite Nike Cortez, which he recalls were the first Nike shoes he ever tried on – albeit very briefly.

As for his current style, KYLE remains a pretty big aficionado of Vans. He claims to have recently endured an entire tour sans ankle support in the Vans Authentic, remarking “This is why I have an 80-year-old back. I got an 80-year-old back and goat legs.” Super Duper Kyle credits the Jerk movement along with The Pack and Lil B specifically for starting the Vans craze in Cali. He also reveals that he has an even more personal affinity for Vans than most, because his first job was with the company.

Aside from strolling down memory lane in a pair of Authentics, KYLE, of course, takes a tour of the shelves at Concepts Manhattan to add some new heat to his kick collection. Along with a couple pairs of Vans, the rapper crosses a long-desired Air Jordan off his wish list and picks up the Kanye co-signed Karhu Fusion 2.0

Check out the full episode and the dates for KYLE’s upcoming Nothing to Lose Tour after the jump.