Kirk the Jerk: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Most Hated

By//Kyra Kyles

I’m not sure when it happened, but as I watched “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” last night, my lip curled itself into what I feared was a permanent sneer.  I glared at the television, even subconsciously curled my hand into an angry fist, and not for the usual reason of hating the messiness and girl fights (Shay vs Erica) that pervade reality TV.

Nope, this time, it was from watching Kirk, half of a so-called music power couple, sowing his wild oats at a lake house, pretending that his wife Rasheeda’s anger with him was a free pass to act like an extra in a “Girls Gone Wild” video.

Watching this married man, and father with one on the way, cavort in a hot tub with half-nekkid women clearly enraged many folks.  Though Nicki Minaj and I likely agree on little else, Queen Barbie was on point with her Twitter rant against Kirk for his selfish, sleazy acts against his longtime life partner.


It is hard to justify judging a person by their behavior on a show meant to net ratings.  Indeed, collective SMHing over Steebie Jay’s now overshadowed chicken-chasing ways is part of the reason the show is so mesmerizing.  But Kirk, who is already in extreme violation for trying to bully his wife into an abortion and demanding a blood test for their unborn child,  is doing himself absolutely no favors by his latest on-screen performances.  Nor does he need to engage in any more of these idiotic and selfish monologues delivered to any radio station willing to offer him some airwaves.

My only hope is that when he looks back on how nasty, selfish and outright ig’nant he was to his wife and children, he will repent.  But after this hot tub time machine action, methinks it will be too late to save this union.

What do you think?  Was Kirk justified after blowing up with Rashida over her shooting a video solo dolo?  Or is he just a dang fool taking advantage of words said in haste?  Answer in our poll.