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Keeping it 140: Gabby-gate, Oprah & more

U.S. gymnast Gabrielle Douglas waits for teammate Alexandra Raisman's score on the floor exercise during the artistic gymnastics women's individual all-around competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012, in London. /AP Photo/Gregory Bull

Keeping it 140 w/ Kyra

Welcome to Keeping it 140. I’m Kyra Kyles, a Senior Editor at JET who moonlights as a social media stalker, tracking the good, bad and ugly of online sharing. I’ll mostly be taking celebs and public figures to task for gaffes on the Interwebs (I see you, 50 Cent and Chris Brown.)  But I’ll also offer advice on how we civilians can keep it together on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and… um… MySpace, that is, if you’re still lurking around on the latter outlet.

Hairy Situation: Some of y’all clearly need to back away from the mouse and keep your hands off the touchscreen. If I read another word about how this group of online bullies ranted about Olympian goddess, Gabby Douglas’ hair, I promise to personally see that their social media privileges are revoked for the foreseeable future. Even Gabs told you to shut up. Comply. Oh, and mainstream media, just a word: A handful of Twitter fools does not represent the whole of the Black female viewpoint.

Poster Child: For all the ugly Jackson family drama with the accusations of slapping, money siphoning and general tomfoolery, I was heartened to see that Paris Jackson is still just a regular child and one who really misses her dad. Check out this beautiful homage to Michael Jackson that she Tweeted.  Awwww… Now, let’s leave the famous fam alone so they can sort out their issues.

Getting OWNED: My list of social media muck-ups would not be complete without a nod to this Tweep who had the stones to go after none other than Oprah at the top of the week, questioning the mogul about her contributions to the community.  Wait, let me let him tell you in his own words.

Um, yeah.  Loved the O’s ever-so-appropriate response. Who among us is giving so much of their wealth that we can decide what someone else should do with their hard-earned cash? I can fully admit: Not it. But I was inspired to do more. But back to this digital dust-up.

And the final word from the cleverly named @awalkdatalk after the Empress of OWN put the smack down on his timeline?


Yeah, that’s what I thought. Learn a lesson from this Twitter philosopher, my Tweeple. Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

And now, to share one of my favorite past-times. Finding the meme of the week.

This is what struck me, and yes, I wanted to get in another dig for our golden girl, Gabby.

Feel free to share funny memes and gifs with me at  And till we talk again, make sure to keep it 140.