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Keeping it 140: Melissa T. Ford, Sarah Palin and More

Keeping it 140 w/ Kyra

Welcome to Keeping it 140. I’m Kyra Kyles, a Senior Editor at JET who moonlights as a social media stalker, tracking the good, bad and ugly of online sharing. I’ll mostly be taking celebs and public figures to task for gaffes on the Interwebs (I see you, 50 Cent and Chris Brown.)  But I’ll also offer advice on how we civilians can keep it together on sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and… um… MySpace, that is, if you’re still lurking around on the latter outlet.  Just think of me as the Emily Post of posting.  

I’ve been SMHing so much I damn near need a neck brace.   This week has been another hot mess in social media.  Just look at the awe-inducing antics of celebs and public figures from Sarah Palin to the BFFs of Rihanna and Karrueche.

Melissa Ford

There are few things uglier than Twitter girl fights.  The name-calling, the language, the threats!  It’s really silly when you’re any age above 13.  So I am going to take out a moment of silence in honor of the loss of dignity suffered by Melissa T. Ford an anonymous user alleged to be Karrueche Tran’s friend, Seiko.  The two women engaged in a gutter war of words via Instagram on behalf of their buddies, Rihanna and Karrueche, respectively.  Check out the full dirty (and dumb) details on  And do remember this is all over Chris Brown who, from where I stand, isn’t even worth anyone’s time as he apparently toggles between both of these beautiful women.  I can only imagine what Ford and the so-called Seike would do if their OWN man was at stake.  Ladies, come on… Both of y’all need some business.

Big Trouble on “Lil'” Twitter

Someone needs to have a chat with a few of our Chicago rappers.  First, Lil Reese — a member of Chief Keef’s rap crew– is unearthed as a seeming woman beater, essentially stomping out a woman in what he rather casually described as an “old” video uploaded to the Internet this week.  This footage is graphic and disturbings, so be warned before you click play.  Then, as if that weren’t horrific enough, a fellow Chicagoan and “Lil,” “Lil Mouse” had the nerve to offer up his thirteen-year-old comedic stylings about the incident in the following ig’nant Tweet captured by  Please do click over.  I don’t have the stomach to present it here. If you have been lucky enough to avoid the fact that Mouse is an MC until now, sorry to break your streak.  Here’s more on him, courtesy of   Seriously, it might be time to send in the National Guard.

Shuck if You Buck

Former vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor Sarah Palin is known for shooting off her mama grizzly mouth.  But this time, the walking sexy librarian meme done messed up.  In an ill-advised post on Facebook, she voiced her angst against President Barack Obama by accusing him of …wait for it…shucking and jiving.  (Look at the last sentence of the post.)  Now, her conservative defenders are already trying to dig her out of the dung pile by saying that the term isn’t a racially loaded term and that it’s been used by other commentators.  My take on this totally unbelievable explanation is simple:  Someone point this moron toward Russia and tell her to start walking.  After all, she can see it from her house.