Indiana Teens Charged with Murder

Two Indianapolis teens are charged with a murder that left one man dead and another woman in critical condition.

Zion Smith, 16, and Jaquisha Love, 18, are accused of murdering 18-year-old Dayron Staten, who was driving his car on July 19th.

A 21-year-old woman riding in the passenger seat was also critically wounded during the horrific ordeal.

According to court documents, detectives initiated an investigation after cops were approached by a woman claiming she was robbed and shot by the pair the night before. Police were able to locate after the young woman identified the teens in a photo line up.

Investigators are now linking both Smith and Love to another robbery that ended in a shooting. Court documents state that the partners-in-crime showed up at another home and started firing.

After trading gunfire, Smith was shot in the eye and three people inside were wounded as well. The pair fled before police arrived.

Later on that evening, police found Smith shot and injured. However, he informed police that he was shot in an alleyway. Love, who was accompanying Smith at the time, was taken into custody for drug possession.

Both teens will be charged as adults for murder, multiple counts of attempted murder, robbery and carrying a handgun without license.