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Goo’s Dilemma: Your Man vs. Your Money

Mary Mary: Wetv, Thursdays at 10pm ET

If you checked out the latest episode of Mary Mary you might have peeped the dilemma the Marys sister Goo Goo is facing. As the duo’s stylist, and an entrepreneur trying to build her own brand, she’s always on the hustle. And she’s got a man.Now her boo lives in Atlanta, which means they’re doing the long distance thing since she’s in LA. But his vacation is just Tuesday for her! What’s working girl to do.

Goo’s issue presents the often told tale during girlfriend time, you know, man doesn’t want a bird and likes woman because she is hard working, has morals and will likely teach the kids to read. Still, he punishes her for the thing that attracted him most: Her ambition. Now if Goo was sitting at home adding more inches to those already thicker than a Snicker hips he’d pay her no mind. She’s have no funds to beat her face or connects to get on to the red carpet or in events. He picked her because she was a bad chick. Yet, he wants to kill that…why?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for doting, quality time, doing laundry, clipping toe nails and the whole bit. But if you want a woman who works 9-5 date a teacher. A stylist on the come up is a 24/7 job. Should you demand your woman’s focus? Yes. But don’t punish her for doing what makes her great.

I can’t lie I’m almost as suspicious about Justin (Goo’s boyfriend) as the Marys. He rolled up into a comfortable situation rather quickly and seems a little too…[insert what you think his flaw is here]. But as a loyal member of the Jodeci My Heart Belongs to You Club (which is totally made up in my mind), I believe in love and the promise that it gives.

That said, I have my eye on Justin— well, at least on Thursday nights— and dudes like him. And to my ladies, cook, clean, and practice the art of shutting up periodically, but don’t let anyone smother your flame.