“Gideon’s Army”: You Have the Right to an Attorney

By// Marcia Talbert

Set your DVRs for a provocative new documentary showcasing the lives of three public defenders 50 years after Gideon’s Supreme Court decision.

“Gideon’s Army” is airing on HBO (schedule here) and is available on HBO Go.

As the Supreme Court wraps up this historic term, this insightful documentary (which premiered on July 1) takes us back to the 1961 landmark decision of Gideon vs. Wainwright, which made it a requirement for the state to provide legal representation for defendants facing jail time if they could not afford it. Director Dawn Porter follows the lives of three young, black public defenders who battle the criminal justice system and at times, their consciences as they passionately defend their clients:  guilty or not.

Credit: HBO

Credit: HBO