Fantastic Father Nominee: Tariq Abdullah

Tariq Abdullah


Name: Tariq Abdullah

City, State: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Architect

Number of Children: 4

Why He’s Such A Great Father: He never stops trying to be a better dad. He is fun and dedicated to making life better for his children despite the obstacles of not always being able to see them as much as he wants or they need. He makes every moment count.

Community Service Affiliations: Tariq offers free architectural designs to the community. He started the World Peace Project in 2005 (Award-winning program that exposes inner-city youth to architecture as a profession). He offers fellowships to architecture students to give them real-world experience.

How He Helps Others in His Community: He offers architectural services to a number of mosques; the World Peace Project.  He is on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of NOMA, he works with ACCI and AIA Education Committee.


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