Fantastic Father Nominee: Pastor Dr. A.T. Jones Jr.

Pastor Dr. A.T. Jones Jr.


Name: Pastor Dr. A.T. Jones Jr.

City, State: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: Pastor

Number of Children: 2

Why He’s Such a Great Father: He’s such a great father because he believes in God and uses the example of the model of Christ to lead his family. Though a minister of one of the fastest growing churches in the Atlanta region, he believes his first job is to be a  Priest to his wife and family, a protector and a provider and lives by the motto of being “priest, protector and provider.”

Father’s Community Service Affiliations: Lead pastor of Impact Worship Center

How He Helps Others in His Community: He helps the community through his various outreach opportunities called “Tangible Touch.” He also believes in mentoring community members to become leaders in their individual lives so that they are enabled and equipped to pay their blessings forward.


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