Fantastic Father Nominee: Eustace Kwapong

Name: Eustace Kwapong

City, State: San Diego, CA

Occupation: US Navy

Number of Children: 2

Why He’s Such A Great Father: My husband is a wonderful father. We have been blessed with two wonderful boys, Ethan and Emmanuel,  and both are daddy’s boys. When I gave birth to the both of them, my husband was there every step of the way. I never had to get up at night or day. With both of our boys,  the Navy allowed him to take off 30 days to help me care for them–I never knew he would take over. He worked so well with our oldest till he called him Mom. Recently my husband had to leave for a six-month deployment. My husband serves this country and home with pride!

How He Helps Others in His Community: He has helped several schools and veterans programs; he also has helped the homeless.


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