Fantastic Father Nominee: Barry Richburg



Name: Barry Richburg

City, State: Cary, NC

Occupation: Principal

Number of Children: 2

Why He’s Such a Great Father: Barry is a great father becuase he is a hard working, dedicated man. He is a loving husband and attentive father. He works long hours as a principal and is passionate about the teachers, students and parents of his school. Barry makes time to volunteer at both of his daughters schools and attend field trips with them both. Barry spends quality time talking with his daughters and always seizes the opportunity to make every moment a teachable moment to them, ensuring that they learn good morals and values as young women.

Community Service Affiliations: Kappa Alpha Psi, YMCA

How He Helps Others in His Community: Barry helps the community by serving as a team leader for a large annual YMCA fundraiser that helps raise money for children and families to attend YMCA summer and year-round academic and social programs to help build stronger families.


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