Fantastic Father Nominee: Ashley Dickenson

Ashley Dickenson

Name: Ashley Dickenson

City, State: Raleigh, NC

Occupation: Manager of Network Operations at Verizon Business

Number of Children: 3

Why He’s Such A Great Father: My husband is the Best! He truly strives to love me like Christ loves the Church. He works hard and he’s a caring& loving father. When I met my husband I had 11mo old which is now 15 and he excepted her as his very own at the age when most guys are partying. He loves her as his own and that’s the only dad she has known. He knew I wanted to be home with the kids and he made it happen. He works harder and he’s committed to whatever he needs to do for his Family.

How He Helps Others in His Community: He’s a leader at church and he’s helped a lot of men in the community showing them there need for Christ.