Fantastic Father Nominee: Aaron L.E. Jones

Aaron L.E. Jones


Name: Aaron L.E. Jones

City, State: Laurel, MD

Occupation: Portfolio Manager

Number of Children: 1

Why He’s Such A Great Father: As a teenage parent who lost his own father at 8 years old, Aaron is the epitome of a great father and mentor to his son Jalen as well as children (and adults) throughout the community. Pushing one to be better than their best is what Aaron instills in each person he meets. He is a pillar of strength in both his family and his community.

Community Service Affiliations: Man of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc; Leader of We Feed Our People (DC); Committed volunteer to: Christmas in April, Habitat for Humanity, House of Ruth, and Zagambi House

How He Helps Others in His Community: Aaron is involved with various steering committees responsible for the planning and execution of feeding, clothing and providing of needed gifts for thousands of homeless and poverty-stricken individuals–this is Aaron’s passion.  His drive to make a difference is rooted by Luke 12:48,  “to whom much was given, of him much will be required.”


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