Fantastic Father Nominee: Arron Barnhill

aron barnhill

Name: Arron Barnhill

City, State: Staten Island, NY

Occupation: Shipping Specialist

Number of Children: 3

Why He’s Such a Great Father: Arron is the father of 3-year-old twins. He is very patient with his boys. It is a rare to see a father so happy to be a father and instilling the values that he was given as a child. Arron is not only a father to his twin boys, but also his 17-year-old stepson. He treats all his boys equally with unconditional love.  He puts his sons first.

How He Helps Others in His Community: Arron is not only a great father.  He is a great citizen. He volunteers his time when needed to a senior program in East Harlem. He volunteers to assist the seniors who resides at the Naturally Retirement community every time he is needed. He never says no even through he has his hands full with 3-year-old twins. He finds the time to give back to his community.


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