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What Year Is This? Intern Fired For Racist Tweet

It’s a privilege to receive a PAID internship. And social media can be a curse and a blessing.

A 20-year-old intern had the privilege and lost it due to her ignorant commentary on Twitter. Whoop, there’s that curse.

Ericka Escalante and a friend tweeted an image of them in a cotton field and had the not-so-brilliant, but oh-so-racist idea to caption the photo “Our Inner [N-word] came out today.”


I had to literally take a moment from typing to digest what I just wrote. It still rattles my nerves. The stupidity and ignorance displayed when it comes to racial stereotypes is ludicrous. And to think that no one would catch and screenshot your racist views is just foolish on your part, Ericka.

No, we don’t want, nor will we accept your apology despite your quick action to say “sorry” then proceed to remove the image and delete all of your social media accounts.

Yep, it’s pretty much way past too late. Your cruel intention has been exposed and we see who you are.

Once the image circulated and reached the viewpoint of Kevin Snyder, who works at Isagenix, where Escalante held her internship, within two hours, she was fired.

*Sarcasm Alert: And since you felt so “connected” to the Black experience, how does it feel to now be unemployed?