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Dear Scared White People

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Dear scared white people,


Stop with the bull!


Sorry about that. That’s been pent up for a few years now. Anyhoo, my name is Greg. I’m a veteran writer, card carrying member of Gen X, and…a Black guy.

Now, I’m not a racist. My longtime girlfriend is white. My niece is bi-racial. I have a diverse collection of friends and family. I’m not anti-white or Caucasian-averse.

What I am is worried about what I’ve seen from you, the scared white person. Your questionable posts on social media make me nervous. Your endorsement of Donald Trump creeps me out. Your cries of “taking our country back” make me raise both of my eyebrows.

You look crazy out here.

Listen. I get your fear. We live in a time where a bi-racial man is the President of the United States and was elected twice for the job. Black/hip-hop culture is now the dominant culture of choice for American youth. Gay culture is now bigger and more influential than ever. And I can’t forget the strong surge of Latino culture that’s grown in the past two decades. Yup, Black, brown, and gay folks are up in this b**ch now.

But, my anxious white friend, this doesn’t mean that you no longer have a place in this country. What this pop culture shift means is that everyone has seat at the new American table. Just because my sensibilities are finally being acknowledged, doesn’t mean that yours are being ignored. No person of color is actively looking to erase white culture (for lack of a better description) from this country’s historical continuum. I can pump up Bobby Brown, and you can blast Bon Jovi at the same party.

Since we’re having a discussion now, I’ll drop a little knowledge on you. Smart people embrace change. They don’t run from it. Those that resist change end up getting left behind. And, I’m assuming, you don’t want to get left behind. If Black, Latino, or gay culture isn’t your thing, then fine. I get that. You don’t have to start watching Empire, telenovelas, or Will and Grace re-runs. But, you shouldn’t resist societal change. Because once you do, you’ll suffer a fate worse than possibly being called a homophobe, or a racist.

You’ll be left behind.

And trust me, my friend, the rest of us are zooming to the future.

Come party with us in the 21st century.

Thanks for your time,

Greg Simms Jr.