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TalkBack: Love & You

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Every day we are changing. Every day is a new experience. I cherish times I can sit and do nothing, no matter how short it lasts. It’s appreciated because now, I have more responsibilities, aspirations and things I want to accomplish in this lifetime.

When it comes to love, it’s taught me one important thing. I need to love myself. I need to be FEARLESS in loving myself. I need to trust that I am the perfect person to make my decisions and no one else can do it better. That’s how you can love someone without fear and full trust. It’s taking the control out of one thing and putting it into the right hands.

When we put our control, our power into fear, we do the wrong things. We hurt people. We push people away, and because this feeds our ego, we’re delusional in our thinking. We think we’re right. We solved something no one dared to solve and that’s how NOT to get hurt. But you’ve become worse. YOU’RE the one who is doing the hurting. YOU’RE the one who has caused pain.

So take back that control and place it in your hands. It’s a challenge I still face everyday. But I know when I trust myself more, I become a bit more like the person I aspire to be.

I learned because I’m changing, and there is no NEED to act as if I am the person who was hurt years ago. People said and did messed up things to me. But am I supposed to remain this woman with hurt feelings? Am I supposed to keep carrying these painful memories as some form of proof of why I am afraid, spiteful, angry? There’s no need. Yes, things stick with you. But how you let them affect you is up to you. It’s not easy, but if we want love and if we want to survive with brilliance and everything life throws our away, we need to accept who we are NOW.

I am still able to love. I love to love. I am still alive. I adore my life. In order for me to live, I had to find a reason to. Or many reasons for that matter. I don’t live because of my family, friends or my significant other. I live FOR me. Take them away, do I die next? No! If it’s not my time, I have to find reasons within ME to LIVE.

Everyday, something brilliant yet so simple reminds me. A baby’s laughter, the sun, the world around me. They each remind me that I’m in this world, a living being, thinking and believing in things I didn’t think I could.

I see that now is all that matters in the end.


NANN is a writer and songwriter from Chicago, IL. She’s a believer of love and creator of music. Taking her aspirations to San Francisco, CA, she continues to create and will be releasing her works in the near future.