Talk Back

Talk Back: How Women Can Find Love

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Many women skip the main ingredient for having a successful relationship and that starts with loving you first. If you find yourself in/out of relationships wondering what went wrong. It may be time to perfect your recipe for a healthy well balanced partnership.

PS: I Love You

Let’s start with “I”

Begin each day with a self alignment Mantra. “I Am deserving and worthy of unconditional love that presents itself in the form of appreciation, friendship, respect, support, spirituality, and trust.”


Don’t depend on others for your happiness. Build your security for love around God first instead of people.


Once you surrender to the process of self love, you embrace strength, allowing an open door to making better decisions. Having a sense of self you honor the wellness of your soul; no longer placing all the responsibility on your partner and releasing the bondage of feeling victimized.

Our first priority in life should be to take care of self first before we are even capable of giving love to another. One can’t go through life constantly giving giving away pieces of their soul & spirit to those who aren’t worthy of appreciating it. There may come a time for evaluation. Although letting go may seem difficult, holding on isn’t in your destiny. Never negotiate your self-worth for something that isn’t worthy of keeping. “LOVE YOU”

Until next time, live FABULOUS…

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