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Talk Back: The Power of My Name

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Sometimes you have to remind yourself who you are. I am strong. I am victorious. I am Imani.

Imani means faith. Faith is me. Running through my blood pumping my heart like a train.

One that will never go off course, because faith is a strong track. The conductor is God. No doctor, no human, no animal or scientific function. God is stronger than any and all.

Having faith comes with perks. One of my favorite is the ability to share it. Faith is contagious, so as you digest my words, I’m slowly giving you the faith that I have. It’s seeping into your eyes and ears.

But the work isn’t over. You can’t just have it for a day, faith is everlasting.

Faith is not about believing in your body. Your body is weak and easily fails. Faith is within your mind, and since God has blessed us with the courage to critically think, let us think about faith and faith only.

My name, Imani, is defined as:

  • Imani (Faith): To believe with all our hearts in our people, our parents, our teachers, our leaders, and the righteousness and victory of our struggle.

To believe… not to just think. Don’t think it will be okay. Don’t try and say “I have faith.” BELIEVE.

So with my words, I’ve finally transferred the faith from me to you the reader. I will always have an abundance of faith, but because I believe in you, here you are.

Imani Turner is an 18-year-old poet who resides in Chicago. She performs at various events, and plans to attend college in the fall.