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Sexiest Thing A Man Can Do? Clean Up!

Fellas. Ladies. Anyone who’s in a relationship.

Do you want to know the sexiest, hottest thing a man can do for his lady? What’s guaranteed to keep a smile on her face? What will have her bragging to her girlfriends about you?

Wash the dishes.

Seriously. Take out the trash. Before it starts to smell. Dust your wood furniture. Bust out a bottle of Windex and clean the windows and glass in the house.

As a man in a long term relationship, I’ve learned that practical acts are just as important as romantic gestures. I know I’m going to have to give a few massages and spend some money for a couple of nice dinners. But, I also know that I’m going to need to vacuum our carpet too…sometimes in the middle of a football game.

At times, I’ve been guilty of slacking on the upkeep of my own household. And, from several male convos over beer, Madden, and pizza with friends, many men do this.

Sometimes with our job of being the provider for our families, guys will shrug off the other day-to-day responsibilities we may have; like chores. And yes, I’m aware that we can always get our kids to do them for us.

But men have to contribute and keep things clean too. If we constantly clean our cars and our shoes, then we can also clean the bathroom sink. Also, fellas, doing these things without being told by your ladies is key. If you can take the initiative to go to the gym and work on your six pack, you can do the same and cut the grass before your girl sends you an angry text.

I’d write some more advice, but I gotta go.

My floors won’t mop themselves.

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