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Chapter 14 – Keep Your Antenna Up

Being aware of your intuition requires that you understand the thin line between worry and fear.  Worry is voluntary; it’s something we choose to do.  Many of us do not realize we have developed the habit of worrying all the time.

Once you have lived long enough and made enough mistakes, you will realize how much unnecessary stress we bring to our lives by worrying.  Monitoring your self-talk is the best way to determine if worrying has become a constant habit in your life.

When we realize the tendency to constantly worry, this actually frees our mind to become more aware of our intuition.  Feelings of anxiety or focusing on everything that can go wrong actually prevent us from paying attention to the subtle signs and clues that are always accessible.  Once we have learned to be consciously aware of your thoughts, we can easily sharpen our intuitive muscles by developing the habit of watching people.

Begin by developing the habit of observing people who are near you at all times.  Training yourself to stay alert will help you to connect with your inner wisdom. It will also act as your internal radar and quickly help you assess if you are at risk…

As we age, the ability to access our intuition has the power to expand our consciousness and adjust to the changes that are always going on around us. While we may not be able to run as fast as or have greater strength than a person who attempts to attack us, a sharp mind can quickly access danger and direct us to take action rather than to sit around and wait to see what will happen. Our body is our best teacher for being aware of our inner knowledge. Our internal library is always giving us clues to what is going on in and around us. Intuition is not passive; it is an active energy, which affects everything we do.

sheree franklin


Sheree Franklin is a noted author, coach, consultant, facilitator, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. Sheree’s true passion lies in helping people tap into their intuition to reach their true potential.  Her heart-based approach helps her clients discover the fears that have stalled their success and shift out of those emotions to move forward.  Sheree provides guidance on how to disconnect and be still to better listen to your inner voice and gain clarity.  She motivates groups and provides strategic direction on how to overcome project challenges, boost conflict resolution skills and improve outcomes.  A student of the brain and energy, she delights in helping others play big, take calculated risks, and enhance their life experience on all levels. Sheree’s book, “Intuition: The Hidden Asset Everyone Should Learn to Use,” is available now in stores and on Amazon