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Talk Back: Book Excerpt ‘Soul Scream’

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I suppose I’ve reached a point where I have no more fear, and I simply have love for myself and others. It’s that point where you stop wherever you are, look up to the heavens, lift your hands and just scream.

Scream for all of the pain you’ve ever felt. Scream for all of the people who are afraid of doing it themselves. And scream because the pain and hurt you feel is so great, that you no longer know who you are, what you are doing, and where you are going. After the screaming has commenced, you desire no more to cry or fight or scream. I have reached this point, and it’s literally been drawn out of me by the people who felt compelled to judge and condemn me. Moreover, it has become especially clear from seeing through unshielded eyes the consequences of the decisions that I have made.

My scream, I believe, was heard by the angels, Christ, and God. When I had finished and my strength was gone, He sent the angels down to protect to me, to heal me, and to awaken my soul to all that He has wanted of me and has waited for me to become. I was finally ready for Him to rebuild me into what and who He wanted me to be. What I desired no longer mattered. I gave it all to him and trusted that he would make me greater than I could ever imagine. I didn’t need to know how it would be accomplished; all I knew was that it had begun.”

Soul SCREAM: The End Was Just The Beginning is available now at Barnes and Noble.