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Talk Back: Book Excerpt, ‘Intolerable Boundaries’

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Marleena eagerly gave Joan one of her favorite reads: Accepting Who You Are and Accepting Your Mate. Although Joan was divorced, Marleena thought it was good material for Joan to review. Joan also spoke about a new interest of hers, who was actually a childhood friend. Joan swooned over her new beau, but quickly went back to talking about dealing with insecurities from her past relationship with Shawn.

Marleena anxiously looked up at her sterling silver clock against the wall and realized that the session with Joan went past 11 a.m. It was almost lunch time, and Marleena had a backlog of last week’s paperwork due to leaving the office early the other night. She couldn’t help but think about how things might be changing soon and that overthinking things could cost her. As a therapist, she considered it to be both a flaw and an attribute. You ever had the desire to want something to work out so bad that it scared you and you even thought about pulling away before you sabotaged it? Marleena started to question herself.

It was one of the questions that Marleena seemed to ask herself more often these days. Honestly, it scared her because Jonis wasn’t everything that she wanted; actually, he probably had only a few qualities that sparked her interest. Marleena was attracted to Jonis’ work ethic, his passion to succeed, and the fact that he found time each day to share words of encouragement with her. It helped her get through the day, considering that being a therapist at times was not the most enjoyable profession.

She needed to step away from her desk for some fresh air. Her paperwork would have to wait another hour.

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Miriam M. Dixon-Davis is a business graduate of Robert Morris University. Over the last 10 years, she’s dedicated her life and career to higher education. Her inspiration for achieving the most challenging obstacles came in December 2007, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Papillary Cancer. This month marks Miriam’s sixth year as a cancer-free survivor. Her debut book, Intolerable Boundaries: Attraction + His Role + Her Position,” is available now on Amazon.