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When Rich Girls Cry

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A Muppet? Really? Girl, BYE.

When I saw daytime talk host/singer Tamar Braxton weeping on camera over having been called “a Muppet” by rival singer K. Michelle, I couldn’t believe it. I mean, I tried to feel sorry for her, but, I just couldn’t get into it.

First of all, Tamar Braxton is married to the guy who manages Lady Gaga, so her money isn’t in short supply. She’s mom to a precious little boy, even though her doctors told her she may never have children. And all of her siblings (who happen to include R&B powerhouse Toni Braxton) are alive & well. The same can also be said of her parents. She’s been nominated for a Grammy, has a daytime talk show & legions of fans. So why she was on television acting like the world was about to end because someone thinks she looks like a Muppet was a complete mystery to me. Talk about rich people problems! I don’t know about anyone else out there, but when she was crying, it was all I could do to keep from giggling hysterically.

Forgive me if that sounds insensitive, but, I hail from the City of Wind (Chicago baby!) and around here, people don’t just fall apart because they’re called a mean name. We sob like that when mortgages get foreclosed on or when $600.00 iPhones get snatched on the “L”. We start crying when kids get gunned down in the street or when we have three feet of snow outside but still have to report to work in two hours. So, as I’m listening to her lament over being called a muppet, I can hardly believe anyone can be this disconnected from real life. I was even more shocked that her fellow co-hosts were actually sitting there consoling her (instead of laughing her off of the stage).

You see, the whole thing started when one of Tamar’s co-hosts asked her how she’d advise her son to respond to bullies. To that she said, “Oh God, I feel like a terrible person. ‘Cause I don’t have any advice to give my son.” And her co-hosts start saying “Oh well, you’re still going through it; you’re still learning about motherhood, blah, blah, blah.” Seriously? You’re out of ideas on what to say to your child, because someone called you a Muppet? What kind of craziness is that?

I hope she would tell her son he’s a beautiful person and nobody’s rude comments can change that. I also think she should tell him the number of people who love him and believe in him far outnumbers his haters. And just for good measure, I think she should tell him to turn off her show, turn on Jimmy Kimmel and watch the “mean tweets” segment.

I hope he’d see celebrities jokingly read the mean things people have written about them on Twitter and realize millions of people have nasty things said about them every day. It’s a fact of life. But, people’s words only have as much power as you give them, so you can either spend your energy crying over the bad things people say or you can just laugh them off and invest your energy in being fabulous instead. Because when you realize you’re living a fabulous life, you also realize dealing with a little shade is a small price to pay for your blessings. And as much as I hope her son learns this lesson; I really, really hope someone explains it to his mother.

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