Talk Back

My Letter to President Donald Trump

Dear President Trump,

Hello. I want to start by saying I humbly appreciate you taking the time to listen to someone who feels voiceless in the future of America’s legal and political decisions. This heartfelt note is not just speaking for myself, but on behalf of everything and everyone I collectively represent throughout the United States.

I am a 26-year-old African-American woman living in Los Angeles, California, who grew up in a diverse working-class family filled with impacting experiences and limitations that many people in urban society endure every single day. I can only attest to being directly affected—whether good or bad—by the decisions of former presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now you.

What I have learned over the past three presidencies and our most current one is that America is not just a business and the land of opportunity. It’s also a melting pot of multiple demographics, cultures, beliefs, ethnicities and real people with real struggles. It’s a place of love, equality, unity, hope for acceptance and prosperity outside of capitalism and financial success.

Today, I fear for my life as an American. I fear for the livelihood of my career, my rights, my freedom, women, millennials, middle class, working class, domestic & international individuals in despairing societies and everything else that lessens the ease of achieving true peace as citizens. The chain of effects that prohibit the average American from experiencing the “American Dream” is a sad reality, but the existing reality nonetheless. The radical and belligerent energy felt by citizens across the nation from you has reached the part of America that feels as though their passionate vocalism has fallen upon deaf ears.

The purpose of this note is to 1) encourage you, President Trump, to embrace the American democratic perspective along with the Republican perspective and 2) find a beneficial middle ground between both political parties with people and societies like myself in mind. I also wrote it to encourage the consistency of the expressive and truly concerned residents in the United States of America. My aim is for it to aid in making a change, create uplifting communities, opportunities, guidance programs, and financial assistance for those of limited possibilities.

I treasure being in a country where I can do or say what I want, when I want. When our governmental leaders start having a perspective on America as nothing more than capitalism, we lose sight of the prominence that we strive for and long to achieve. I hope this note reaches the right pair of eyes to impact and make a positive difference on the current legal and political situations being made on behalf of America as a whole.

We–primarily referring to my millennial generation and the unborn–are the future of America. The longer President Trump turns a deaf ear to us, the harder it will be to gain our support and truly make America, not great again, but greater than it already is. God Bless.


Kyn Fellows