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Powerball Gofundme Foolery


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By now, we all know we didn’t win the Powerball, including this poor woman who was pranked by her very villainous son.  Dreams of acting a complete fool and tap dancing on our bosses’ desks as we bid them a boisterous goodbye are fading into the mist.

We’ve resigned ourselves to continue working for The Man until such time as the Powerball gawd deems it necessary to smile upon our tickets.

Well, most of us anyway.

Apparently, according to a now (appropriately) deleted gofundme account, some woman had the temerity to ask the good people of earth for money because she spent hers attempting to win the Powerball.

Talk about hustling backwards.

I am grateful that the link is now dead because had it not been, I planned to go on there and read her the riot act.  That, along with a sorry (yet successful) attempt to get financing to see a Floyd Mayweather fight, is a recent and ridiculous examples of crowdfunding requests.  I’ve seen something as silly as a Facebook friend’s desire to eat at a fine restaurant to one buffoon who wanted to move out of her mother’s house, sans sufficient employment.

What part of the game is this?  I’ll gladly help underfunded public schools, emerging filmmakers, ambitious artists, civil rights efforts and even down-on-their-luck Good Samaritans any day, but the buck (my bucks, anyway) comes to full stop when full grown and trifling men and women decide that society needs to pay for their pipe dreams.

Correct me if I’m wrong and I am still holding out hope this was a joke, but I’ll bet no investor told that woman that she should put her hard earned coins in a bunch of Powerball tickets.  If one did, bring that Bernie Madoff mickey fickey to me.

You aren’t correcting me.  So we all know what it is. Greed and misdirection, plain and simple.

Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool when used correctly.  We all know the fat cats of America have long figured out how to pool their resources to a common cause.  So send me links to causes that make sense all day and I promise to evaluate them.  But if you blow your savings on a failed effort to hit the Lotto, the only thing I’ll send you is my deepest SMH and a link to the “help wanted” ads in your town.