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Reader Shares Poem “For Our Eyes Only”

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For Our Eyes Only

For our eyes only
We will determine
If he, she
On the ground
Deserved to be killed
In the street
After reading a book
After driving a car
Looking BLACK
And a threat

We will determine
What your eyes
Need to see
We will protect
And serve your thoughts
We will note your outcry
And evade your trust
We will hide our hands
And show the gun
We will tell you our fears
And take your lives

Each a justifiable death
For our eyes only


Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor is a pan-africanist writer and poet. Her writings about race and ethnicity have been published and cited in the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Think Progress, LA Progressive and other publications. She is a two-time winner of the Citizens For Global Solutions Virtual Poetry Slam and also winner of the National Association of Dramatic and Speech Arts’ awards for Oral Interpretation of Poetry and Dramatic Monologue.