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Hey Malia Obama Haters, Your Privilege Is Showing

This year Black History Month has been unofficially extended. We ended Afro April with an amazing ode to Black women in the form of Lemonade, and started off Mahogany May by celebrating Malia Obama’s acceptance to Harvard. The celebration of #BlackGirlMagic has been epic and empowering, unfortunately, that doesn’t mean folks aren’t trying to stop the party.


Although it should come as no surprise, whether we are celebrating each other or fighting to remind our beloved America that our lives matter, Black people will always have to wade through the waters of white tears just to exist. And the news of Malia’s acceptance to Harvard is no different.

The irony of a bunch of privileged people crying about another person’s privilege would be funny if it weren’t so sad. I guess the assumption (and we are all just assuming because we don’t have access to Malia’s GPA) is that since her dad is the POTUS he has the power to open up doors for her, doors that she may not even be qualified to walk through. And if that were the case I could only imagine just how much that would make folks upset. I mean for real, who wants to see a person that is unqualified for a position receive something simply because their parents have power?

Like, for example, if her dad used his power to, say, I don’t know, make one of his children the president? I mean, that would be crazy. Especially if that child wasn’t really sure what a gynecologist does, or what pollution is, or sometimes said Birdman-esq things like, “If we don’t succeed we run the risk of failure.” 

I get it. It’s infuriating.

But my point is this: watching privileged people just get handed things they don’t earn is a lot to process. I mean, just imagine if a person pretended to be a Black woman, took actual jobs from Black women, and when she was exposed as a white women, still received a book deal for writing about being a Black woman. That would be all types of frustrating to watch, right?

So yes, I understand how watching privilege operate can be frustrating. And as Malia continues to excel and achieve amazing things, I realize people are going to continue to be frustrated and say the most unimaginable, crazy stuff about her. Because, let’s keep it real, Black Excellence makes some people mad as hell.

Sadly, those upset about Malia’s acceptance to Harvard probably didn’t even stop to consider that she earned her way into the prestigious school. After all, Malia attends one of the best high schools in the nation, her parents are high-achieving Ivy League grads, she’s been in college prep programs her whole life, and judging by her mom’s resume, we already know Mrs. Obama don’t play.

So, dear haters: Malia’s going to Harvard–just like her parents. Deal with it.