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Life As A 31-Year-Old Virgin

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In 2015, being a 30-year-old virgin and living in Las Vegas, seems highly unlikely and almost impossible. Virginity and Sin City are like vinegar and oil; they don’t mix.

For me, being a virgin and living in Las Vegas is everyday life.

I made a personal choice at the age of 14 to honor God and my future wife by waiting to have sex for the first time until marriage. Now, at the age of 31, I’m still living life at my own pace and it feels amazing. I’m not worried about becoming too old to find a wife or too inexperienced to please a woman. I’m focused on becoming the best person I can be here on Earth and how my story can help others achieve their goals.

I’m also not the “perfect” human being just because I’m a virgin. I’m perfectly flawed just like everyone else. I’m no different than the next man or woman. But the message in my story is very simple and plain: LIVE AT YOUR OWN PACE. Life is too short to live a life you don’t believe in. Life is too precious to take your gifts and blessings for granted. Life is real and should be handled with care. What you put in it, you will get it back.

I know this all too well because last year, I was involved in a hit-and-run car accident by a drunk driver and could have died a virgin. Everyone has a story and each story should be told. We all have been through unique circumstances and never know how your story can help someone. Share your truth and positive results will be the outcome.

Looking back at my 14-year-old self, I can’t believe I’m still a virgin! That kid from Saginaw, Michigan would have laughed at the notion of being a 30-year-old virgin. However, I’m cool with being known as “Worth The Wait Guy” because it’s who I’ve always been since birth.

This summer, I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my story about being a real-life virgin living in Las Vegas with millions of people. Each opportunity gave me a platform to express my views on waiting for sex until marriage, self-worth and chasing your dreams.

Of course, temptation is everywhere you look. Las Vegas is considered paradise for adults with 24/7 access. Staying focused and remaining strong within your beliefs is a daily challenge. However, I’ve been blessed to answer the call and it’s been worth the wait!

Jimdre Westbrook is the owner of Live At Your Own Pace Clothing. He’s a motivational speaker, strength and conditioning coach and managing partner of Git Fly Crew Entertainment. For more information, visit