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Jackie Robinson West: Still Champions

“Glenn” suggests: “We don’t need a protest the tactics taking away Jackie Robinson West’s Little League title. We need to IMMEDIATELY establish an African American Little League Hall of Fame and make JRW the inaugural inductees…no time to wait.”

Sherry Harris shared this sentiment and observation:

I am saddened by this in addition to being disappointed. I totally get that there are rules and they were broken. However, I feel that the driving forces behind the investigation were sore losers. I feel had the “winners” been Caucasian there would be “no questions asked”. I feel as African Americans we have to “really cross our t’s and dot our i’s” for fear of being questioned – rules are rules, the team played well and won regardless of boundaries. I feel for the young boys and their families and lift them in prayer.

From Mikko Monro:

You’ve won in ways unimaginable. In ways you don’t even know about yet… Champions are not by accident. You played your heart for the world to see. Never quit.

We celebrate YOU! No matter what.

From Wendell Tucker:

“All this because Chris Janes could not accept that a team of excellent, talented, gifted, and hard working Black boys could dominate his team. So instead of coaching your players better for next season, you go out of your way to bring them down. You still would not have won the championship. So what was your end game? See anyone BUT this team of Black Kids with the titles? You can change the books, but you can’t change history. JRW are WINNERS. They will get past this and continue to be great.

The children under your ‘leadership’ will be the ones that truly suffer. You have taught them pettiness, spite, and not to build themselves to be better, but to merely try to make others appear worse. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

I would agree with the action if there was a level playing field in the first place. But it’s not a level playing field. Part of what makes the story about JRW is the fact that they were overcoming far more adversity than most other teams. They were underfunded, the kids were mostly from bad neighborhoods, one was even [homeless]. As far as I’m concerned, that rule is unfair in itself, because it does not take into account the effects of persisting housing inequality.

If anyone should be punished it should be the coaches and administration. Suspend or ban them. Fire them if you must. But to strip these kids, who did nothing but play the game they loved and inspire hope for a nation that desperately needed it, that is wrong. But make no mistake. This is not about rules. This is about the pettiness of a White man whose team was dominated by an all Black team.”

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