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In Response to Steve Grand: 21 Real Targets

Photo: Pride Source

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White privilege is a hell of a drug, and some white folks ain’t trying to kick the habit.

Pop culture’s latest in ridiculousness comes from country music singer Steve Grand. In an interview with Pride Source, Grand said, “ I’m such an easy person to target. Young, good-looking, white gay men – we love to hate those people. But there’s a real person there the whole time.”

Sigh, blank stare and crickets.

Intentional or not, Steve Grand’s comment was highly problematic because it undermines harsh realities that consistently pervade marginalized communities, in particular gay Black men and trans women of color. Gay Black men still don’t have proper access to HIV programs and services, and that puts them more at risk of contracting the deadly virus. Trans women of color are still targets of many hate crimes. Twenty two transgender women were murdered in 2015, and 19 were trans women of color.

So, while Grand may be a “target” of internet trolls like most of us, based on his race and gender alone, he is not a target of discriminatory legislation, faulty judicial decisions and medical services, or even homicide.

So, in no sequential order, from serious to the more light-hearted, I decided to name 21 real targets who weren’t just victims of someone hating on their Instagram account.

1. The nine victims of the Charleston, SC, church massacre

2. The 22 transgender women murdered in 2015

3. Anyone who protests at a Donald Trump rally

4. All victims of terrorism

5. Civilian casualties of the Middle East

6. Victims of the Flint water crisis

7. Victims of police brutality

8. Women

9. Victims of bullying

10. The Stump for Trump Girls (they have confirmed it’s possible to be a caricature of a coon)

11. The guy who sits in the new barber’s chair

12. Black Twitter’s chill (it has a warm place in hell)

13. Meek Mill (homeboy gets clowned in beef that has nothing to do with him)

14. Floyd Mayweather’s auto correct

15. Stacey Dash’s blackness

16. That family member who only gets the last swallow of orange juice

17. Anybody who has been backhanded by their momma and told not to cry

18. Children who were dragged to Home Depot or the grocery store by their momma right after school (this is a travesty I still haven’t forgiven my momma for)

19. Kids who were subject to off-brand cereal because their momma wanted to save money (All I wanted was Cinnamon Toast Crunch, not Cinnamon Toast Squares)

20. Naomi Campbell’s edges…or lack thereof

21. Anyone who takes FOX News seriously

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