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How To Respond to Violence

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Our progress as a people has never been rooted in violence, outside of the Civil War, which was about protecting the Union more than ending slavery.

We as a people must be consistent about our values in regards to human life. Let’s feel this same amount of outrage when anyone dies at the hands of another human in our community, not just when the death is at the hands of a Caucasian. True outrage without prejudice would cause true long-term change within ourselves, and would initiate a sequential response of intervention and change. As an African-American male, I am at more at risk of violence at the hand of another brother, than from any policing authority. It is very myopic to burn our homes, churches, and senior citizen complexes that provide relief to those that reside in those communities.

Our reaction and expression of dissatisfaction must not reflect the stereotypes that society has labeled us with. We must recognize and confront the systemic deprivation of justice, which has been an existential threat to true progress. To the issues within our own community, we must speak with clarity, poise, and vision. We must take responsibility to progress regardless of the institutionalized racism and the multigenerational marginalization of our culture. We must educate our kids to have values, goals, excel in school, and live within our own communities after achieving a certain level of success. The truth is that many successful African-Americans do not desire to associate with their marginalized brothers and sisters unless they are at church. We must leave from the nice gated communities and live within our own communities so our kids will have heroes to look up to other than athletes, rappers, and drug dealers.

I am aware of the nefarious ways of the system in America. The playing field is not even, but we have the ability to turn things around as a people. Lastly, instead of marching in the street, we need fathers to march back home, and be an example to their kids. Show them values, vision, and fortitude. This is where change takes place. Not in the church house, or in the school, but in the home. Charity does begin at home!