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‘Ghetto Day’ Proclaimed at Ad Agency

Credit: Thinkstock

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UPDATE ON 1/29: The agency is probably regretting Ghetto Day even more.  They just lost a longstanding account and their CEO was fired, according to Ad Week.  Whomp.

As if we’re still not all reeling from disgust at the sight of smiling White teens with the word “nigger” spelled across their collective chests….

Now,  Agency Spy  is reporting that a White employee at a creative ad shop called Campbell Ewald allegedly proclaimed a “ghetto day” late last year, using an innocuous image of two Black men as the art.

cerebral gangsters

Making matters worse, here is the text that supposedly accompanied what clearly sounds like a bigoted, wrong-headed event at one of the company’s offices:

Well, I would argue that there’s nothing cerebral about a group of fools who think that Black culture is synonymous with the term ghetto (hence the random image), malt liquor, drugs and prostitution.  In fact, had some of these geniuses hung out with (insert non-Black celebrity) and/or Hugh Grant in their heydays, they’d have much more opportunity to experience the two latter facets of so-called “ghetto” life.

Agency Spy included some kind of vague statement sent by the company’s CEO which in no way made it clear that anyone was held accountable.  But hopefully as word gets out that this is the way these so-called “creatives” think, the punishment will be meted out in the form of lost business.