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Donald Trump Is Now Real, and I’m Scared



Big homies.



This Trump ish is real now.

The jokes dont matter any longer. Mocking the man is a waste of time.

Trump is official tissue in these streets.

Tuesday night, Donald Trump won a big election in Indiana. He destroyed his Republican rival, Ted Cruz, so badly, Cruz dropped out of the race. Now, Trump will be the GOP’s nominee for President.

And I’m scared. I’m terrified.

The Zika Virus scares me. ISIS makes me nervous. Cyber theft stresses me out. Gluten gives me pause.

But this Trump sh** petrifies me.

I’m scared on several levels. I’m scared of the masses who voted for Trump. I’m scared of the REASONS these masses voted for Trump. I’m scared of the real, Good vs. Evil battle this election may turn out to be.

What can I do about this? What can anyone do? We can go to the polls in November, and put everything we have behind Hillary or Bernie. We can try, in the next few years, to study the factors that created the Trump phenomenon, so they NEVER get repated again.

The most important thing we can do is…pray. Pray that our nation heals, and pray that Donald Trump loses the Presidential election.

Because, even though God always beats the devil…

The devil won Tuesday night.