Talk Back

Where is the Love and Leadership?

So many women love to talk about Cardi B’s new teeth and body, and whether Yandi is right or wrong for how she raises lil’ Mendeecees.

Not enough women are talking about how we…Black women…are raising female leaders, building (instead of breaking) self-esteems, and sending young girls to college.

What’s supposed to be on television isn’t, because it won’t get good ratings, and that, my dear, is a problem!

If you don’t witness enough Black women leading and supporting other Black women, then you are not viewing the right shows. Oops, that’s because there aren’t any on television! Everyday we are exposed to cat fights, gossip, betrayal and more on social media, television, and the Internet. At the same token, everyday there are women working together, leading one another and achieving their goals together.

Unfortunately, we won’t get to witness this on cable television. Not enough young and adult women are being exposed to the type of leadership required to take their lives and self-esteem to a new level.

Then there are organizations like Demoiselle 2 Femme in Chicago, which equips young women of color for entering and completing college drama free. This organization recently produced its annual “40 under 40 Young Women’s Professionals League” awards, where they celebrate dynamic women (ages 25-40) who are making major strides in leveling up versus “turning up.”

These women are committed to pouring into young and adult women, in order to create greater role models.  As a result, they are eliminating the lack of truth and negativity that is being exposed on these shows that are entertaining, but ruining our young women who don’t know any better. If you can’t tell the difference, how can you make a difference?

Black female leaders are out here. These types of women turn the TV’s off and read or write their own stories. They aren’t concerned with ratings. They are concerned with the number of lives they change.  These women put the real in reality, and that revolution will not be televised.

This is not a slam towards Yandi, nor Cardi B, because I don’t know their struggle. Yandi makes a lot of dope moves geared towards empowering women. But her efforts aren’t highlighted enough. Women leading women matters. Women arguing, fighting and hating on each other doesn’t!

We really have to make a shift in what’s popular. In real life. Otherwise the question that I’ll always be asking myself and reality TV producers is: Where is the REAL love?

Serita Love is a self-proclaimed “Success Junkie” who lives and works in Chicago. Connect with the motivational leader and personal branding coach on Facebook.