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Woman’s Hilarious ‘Beard Prayer’ Is Perfect

Instagram: BlackMenWithBeards

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely loving the beard trend that’s catching on among Black men. From celebs and politicians, to regular ol’ Jamals, Black men are letting their facial hair flourish and I’m so here for it!

Instagram: BlackMenWithBeards

But as much as I dig a brotha with a strong beard game, one Facebook user’s recent “prayer” has thousands of women saying, “Amen!”

Tuesday, Rashedia Hall took to the social media platform to send up a few thanks for brothas with beards.

“Father God in the name of Jesus I come to You as humble as I can saying Thank You God for placing these hair follicles on these men faces that allows their hair to grow out nappy and Thank You God for the barbers that trim it down and line it up,” she wrote. “God I speak for myself and millions of other women around the world when I say thank You for giving these men the patience to grow out this wonderful blessing.”

Hall didn’t just stop there, though. She continued her hilariously on point prayer, which acknowledged that lusting after fahn men with beards may violate one of the 10 Commandments. But….God made them too, right? So how can it be so wrong?

“I know it’s a sin to lust but God I trust that You understand that as a woman I can not control myself when I see thy beards Father God. If a man like this is for me Jesus then let no man intervene with your plans and if he isn’t Lord then let me make that mistake on my own Father God. You gave us 2 eyes and 1 mouth so I’m going to use them to look as hard as I can without saying what I want Lord God. I’m gonna wrap this up here Jesus but I just wanted to let You know how thankful I am God. Purify my panti… I mean my heart Lord and it’s in Jesus’s name that we Pray. Amen.”

Hall’s post struck a cord with thousands of users, and has racked up nearly 18,000 shares.

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And judging by the response to Instagram accounts like BlackMenWithBeards, and just how handsome men look with a little (or a lot) of hair on their face, it’s no surprise people are cosigning Hall’s sentiments.

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