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I Can’t Roll With Azealia Banks Anymore

Azealia Banks


I woke up to a crap storm. I check my Twitter every morning when I’m waking up. Well, really I’m checking for Black Twitter. No Twitter community has the kind of…unique takes that the Black one has.

During my morning scan I saw that Azealia Banks was trending–in the top five. My first thought was, “What kind of bi-polar wisdom did she dispense last night?” My second thought, “Did Black Twitter applaud or drag her?”

I clicked on her name in my trending list…and my jaw hit the floor.

Banks didn’t spew nonsense.

She had a full-on meltdown.

No. Seriously.

She called Zayn Malik (ex-One Direction group member, and a talented singer in his own right) a “sand ni**er” (Malik’s father is Pakistani).

She got into a digital brawl with a 14-year-old, Disney actress Skai Jackson.


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She insulted British rappers and British Hip-Hop.

But seriously–She. Called. Zayn. Malik. A. Sand. Ni**er.

I begrudgingly rocked with Banks when she became the Charles Barkley of Twitter a few years ago. Yeah, I wanted her to concentrate on her actual career, which is making music. But, for a nanosecond, it seemed that Banks could be a bold new voice that social media and the entertainment industry could use.

As of last night, I’m sayin’ “Nahhhh” on that.

Today, I’m openly hoping one of (or a bunch of) Banks’s friends/assistants/hanger-ons seriously suggest she gets professional help, because Tuesday night’s rants and insults weren’t just tasteless, venomous, and angry. They were scary, very scary.

And her recent half-apology is equally problematic.

With this latest meltdown we peered into the mind of someone who seems…disturbed. And I’m worried about her, because the Azealia Banks phenomenon stopped being funny a while ago.

Now, it’s just kinda tragic.


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