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Stop Playin’: 5 Tired April Fools Jokes That Can Go

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Everyone loves a good prank. You know, the kind that makes you laugh until tears run down your face. Welp, it’s national “prankster” day and everyone wants to go for those belly laughs. However, there are some tired jokes that need to meet their final resting place.

This year, we hope you say buh-bye to these overworked, nowhere near funny, and non-creative pranks.

Prank: Soooo….yeah, I’m pregnant!

Um, no, let’s just stop this. The pregnancy scare has been around forever and is THE weakest April Fools joke in existence. The only way you can get away with this is you cop a fake sonogram, but please….don’t do that either.  Let it go.

Prank: We’re getting married!

Ah still living in lala land, aye? Trust, one day it will happen but shouting “I’m getting married” knowing that it’s a lie seems a little depressing – especially if that’s really where you want to be in life. Pressure much? Truth is, you’re not getting hitched and this “hint” that you’re ready for a ring, could turn against you if your boo sees this in your timeline and turns tail to run. On top of that, weren’t you just posting a status about how these [censored] ain’t loyal? No mas!

Prank: So and so has passed

Why this is even considered to be a joke is beyond me. Speaking death onto someone who is very much in the land of the living? You have to be cautious about what you put into the universe. Naw, just naw.

Prank: Whew, I hit the lottery!

Wishful thinking. But nice try on putting this out in the universe. It just might happen one day. But to “joke” about winning and announcing it to the world, yeaaah, you’re opening yourself up for out-of-touch friends and distant-distant relatives to work their way to your good side in order to gain a piece of the pie. And, where’s the punchline when they find out you’ve only got lint and dust in your wallet?

Prank: Moving out of Town

To be honest, my big brother pulled this one last year and though it was cool to see the amount of love poured onto him via social media, but I just don’t get the hype surrounding this one. It’s bittersweet. Maybe this one can stay but let’s add a bit of a twist. If you really want to fool someone allow creativity to take control and put some acting effort into it. Heck, you could even plan it out about a week ahead of April 1 and throw yourself a going away shindig, just to get all you closest friends and loved ones together. Then come April Fools …break the news. Ha…#GotEm!

Now, don’t take this post the wrong way, April Fools Day can be extremely fun. We just want to see imagination and creativity flourish! Leave the stale tricks off our timelines.