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A Message From A Young Single Mother

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Life happens so fast. One day you will have a dream so big you can feel it. The next? You will be living in a dream of nightmares and confusion.

I am a 22-year-old business owner, student, mogul and mother. Over the last year of my life, I have experienced things I never knew existed. I have been right at the tip of being on the rise in the hair industry to becoming scared for my future because I made the decision to give life to my son. That sounds crazy; to be scared as a woman and feel like I failed because I gave life to my son. But it was very easy for me to feel that way.

For a long time, I feared not making it to my desired destination. But I found purpose in my son and he extended my journey. All throughout my pregnancy, so many people looked up to me and I did not understand why until birthing my son. A lot of women are scared to give life for fear of taking away from our own, but on a bigger scale, life is exactly what you make it. We as people are scared to lose it all while gaining it all.

Here’s a word for my young struggling mothers.

Stay strong, as it will storm crazy before it calms for you. Let’s go through this journey together. Although some days are easier than others, stay motivated and stay determined. Do what you have to do for your child and yourself to be proud. I found that it was easier to be discouraged and to stay there than to be motivated and make it happen. Nothing will ever make life easy, so learn from your battles.

Something I never knew before having my child was that I needed my battles. I needed to cry and get through things I encountered. I have become so much smarter and wiser and last but not least, I have given LIFE to something so great I can put into this world. You can make it all happen and a child stops nothing, but what God did not have planned for you. Do not fear failure, it is just the same as you fearing success. Even when scared I would not speak it, I would say to myself everyday “OK, I am having a child and what? It is not the end of the world right?” I was right. It was only the beginning.

Until next time…..

Be you, love you and work hard no matter how far away your dreams seems.