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“Stand Your Ground” Law Covers Warning Shots

Do you think the extension is more helpful or detrimental?

Girlfriend wants Zimmerman charges dropped

Former neighborhood watch volunteer was arrested last month

George Zimmerman Released from Jail

Former neighborhood watch volunteer is a free man

Christian Keyes Chats About Latest Film

The actor gives us a glimpse into "The Good Life"

Report: George Zimmerman Pulled Over

Recently acquitted figure reportedly had handgun in car

Study: Racial Divide in Zimmerman Verdict

Blacks and Whites disagree on role race played in decision.

R&B Singer Injured While Dedicating Song to Trayvon Martin

A handful of artists have honored Trayvon Martin with their music, but when R&B singer Lester Chambers did it, one fan didn’t appreciate the gesture. ...

Facebook Blackout for Trayvon Martin

Blacked out profiles protest justice delayed in Zimmerman trial

Zimmerman Defense Rests: Will You?

UPDATED ON 7/11: The judge in the Trayvon Martin murder case agreed to instruct jurors they can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter during deliberations. ...

Florida Mom Receives 20-Year Sentence

The nation’s eyes are trained on Florida because of the racially polarizing trial against George Zimmerman, but there is a significant update to another controversial ...

Angry Trayvon: Game Over

By//Najja Parker Following the George Zimmerman trial can fire up some anger, but just wait until you hear this. A game titled “Angry Trayvon” is ...

Web Reacts to George Zimmerman Trial Day 19

What people — including newsmakers and celebs– are saying about the George Zimmerman trial online…   Day 19 – I pray that God gives me ...

George Zimmerman Trial Shows School Records

By//Andrea Watson Prosecutors successfully introduced evidence about George Zimmerman’s class work in a criminal justice course on Wednesday. Their argument is that he was educated ...

Zimmerman Hearing to Determine Trial Schedule, Jury Selection

Judge in George Zimmerman trial holds hearing to discuss scheduling, jury selection process.