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Could Modified Mosquitoes Stop Zika Virus?

A variety of genetically engineered bugs has been developed to combat the disease

Baby Affected by Zika Virus Born in U.S.

Honduran woman came to U.S. to seek treatment

Zika Virus: 1st Case Confirmed in Chicago

CDC confirmed case on Monday

Pope: Contraception Allowed in Zika Crisis

Cited a clear moral difference between abortion, pregnancy prevention

Obama Wants $1.8 Billion to Combat Zika

Some of the money would also aid Zika-stricken countries and territories

Confirmed: Zika Spread Through Intercourse

1st known case confirmed by CDC on Tuesday

Zika Virus Declared Global Emergency

Virus believed to be linked to Microcephaly

Zika Virus: Jamaica Tells Women to Delay Pregnancy

Health officials are warning about dangers of infection from the mosquito-borne illness