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Trump Defeats Clinton, Shocking Nation

The billionaire real estate mogul stunned Hillary Clinton to become the 45th President of the United States

Election Day: Somali-American Wins Minn. House Seat

Ilhan Omar took a legislative seat making her the first of her ethnic background to do so in America

Black Celebs Encourage All to ‘Show Up and Vote”

Stars of Hollywood united to bring forth an imperative message for people of color

Are You Registered To Vote? If Not, Here’s How

Today is the LAST day for many states.

7 Cool Tweets for National Voter Registration Day

The Twitterverse is encouraging everybody to sign up and be counted

North Carolina Voter ID Law Overturned

Judges found the law fixes problems that "did not exist"

Twitter Drags Bow Wow For Claiming He’s Mixed

And saying he can't relate to the civil rights movement.

Nick Cannon Skipping Presidential Election, But…

The actor has a different way to achieve change

Up With Hope?! Are We Wasting Our Vote?

[Opinion] Instead of focusing on a particular political party, let's focus on who is best for the job

Protests in Haiti Over Election Runoff Continue

The international community is urging a peaceful solution to the tense situation in the country

Trial for Most Strict Voter ID Law Begins

NC's discriminatory voter ID law is on trial

Colin Powell: Don’t Like Voter ID? Vote It Out

Colin Powell talks how to fight voter suppression

White Voters Shifting Away from Democrats?

Racial analysis of election results

Yeahhhh! Lil Jon Shows Voting Committment

Rapper pulls out all the stops to vote

Voting Time: Show Us Your Proof at the Poll

Did You Vote? Show Us Your #PollProof


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Canvassing board certifies Florida voting results

Gov. Rick Scott, others certified that President Barack Obama got the state's electoral votes.

Tavis Smiley writes about the Black vote

Talk show host and political commentator Tavis Smiley shares his thoughts on the limited coverage of Black voters in the 2012 presidential election.

Obama Calls Romney a ‘Bulls****er’

Making today's political headlines, Obama calls Romney a 'bulls****er' in new Rolling Stone interview. In other news, records voting PSA.