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Voters Strengthened Civilian Oversight Initiatives

Ballot measures in several cities were passed to create or strengthen civilian oversight of law enforcement

Trump: Democrats Have ‘Betrayed African-Americans’

"The Democratic Party has failed and betrayed the African-American community"

Clinton Leading Trump In Recent Polls

Clinton's lead is stronger amongst college educated white women than men with 57-38 results 23 points ahead of her rival.

Poll: States With Most Politically Engaged Blacks

Report reveals states with best, worst Black voter turnout

Ben Carson Rap Ad Targets Black Voters

Presidential hopeful says he will aggressively target young, Black voters

Clinton to Call for An End to Sentencing Disparities

Presidential hopeful to visit Atlanta on Friday

Trial for Most Strict Voter ID Law Begins

NC's discriminatory voter ID law is on trial

The Scoop on Early Voting Rates

But which party has the advantage?

Canvassing board certifies Florida voting results

Gov. Rick Scott, others certified that President Barack Obama got the state's electoral votes.

Tavis Smiley writes about the Black vote

Talk show host and political commentator Tavis Smiley shares his thoughts on the limited coverage of Black voters in the 2012 presidential election.

Obama turns re-election prospects over to voters

President Barack Obama is extending congratulations to rival Mitt Romney "on a spirited campaign."

Poll challenges, phony instructions could hurt vote

Reports of robocalls incorrectly telling voters they can cast ballots over the phone threaten to hurt Election Day.

Candidates pursue last votes in close race

President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney exhaust all options in pursuit of every possible vote before Election Day.