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Black Voters In N.C. Sue Over Voter Suppression

The NAACP alleges the state is hindering three counties with largely African-American populations from voting

Are You Registered To Vote? If Not, Here’s How

Today is the LAST day for many states.

Judge May Enter Voter Registration Dispute

Dispute involves more than 50,000 voter registration records in Georgia

Voter Registration Rises in Ferguson

More than 3,000 have registered since Michael Brown's death

Campaign 2012 Series Pt. 3 – Examining Women’s votes

JET examines three groups of constituents that candidates are trying to woo and look at how they relate to Black Americans.

Churches using ‘souls to polls’ to rally vote

Stepped-up effort is response to new election laws activists say unfairly target minorities

Obama using voter registration to stay close in NC

Dozens of volunteers armed with clipboards & forms hit streets daily to sign up newbies

Court votes on South Carolina voter laws

WASHINGTON  — South Carolina is in federal court arguing that its new law requiring people prove their identity at the polls won’t make voting so tough that it ...