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Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dead at 93

Boutros-Ghali was Africa's first UN secretary general

Africans Worst Responders in Ebola Crisis

Protesters from Sierra Leone and Liberia feel abandoned and shut off by the rest of Africa


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Detroit Turns to United Nations for Help

City cuts off water service to 150,000 residents

Rice’s star rises as congressional opposition dims

U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice tries to could succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton as secretary of state.

UN says access to contraception a human right

It is the first time the U.N. Population Fund's annual report explicitly describes family planning as a human right.

New UN “atlas” links climate change, health

U.N. "Atlas of Health and Climate" shows there are meningitis spikes when dust storms hit.

Egypt’s new President Morsi debuts at UN

UNITED NATIONS — Egypt’s new President Mohammed Morsi debuts at the United Nations on Wednesday with a speech that will be closely watched by world leaders for clues about his democratic intentions ...

Obama pushes UN to confront Muslim rage

UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama told world leaders Tuesday that attacks on U.S. citizens in Libya “were attacks on America,” and he called on them to join in confronting ...

Beyonce sings and films music video at UN

Performance is in honor of World Humanitarian Day, which is Aug. 19